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Classification of high-grade construction decoration stone

Stone is a high-grade construction decoration materials, mainly natural stone and artificial stone into two types ; common stone mainly marble , granite, terrazzo , synthetic stone of four, which turned around the marble white marble for the top grade ; granite than marble hard ; terrazzo is a cement , concrete and other materials from forging ; synthetic stone is a natural stone gravel for raw materials, coupled with pressurized adhesives , polishing made ​​; Terrazzo and synthetic stones are made ​​Of artificial stone so no natural high intensity. Stone had already become an important raw material in construction, decoration, road, bridge construction

Natural stone is mined from natural rock means out and processed into a block or generic tabular material. Two basic types used in building decoration industry stone are natural stone and artificial stone. Natural stone such as marble, granite, limestone and so on. Architectural decorative natural stone granite and marble are mainly two kinds. Natural stone is one of the oldest civil engineering materials. Natural stone has a high compressive strength , good abrasion resistance and durability , surface appearance after processing richly decorated , resources are widely distributed , abundant reserves , easy to use local materials , low cost production, is the ancient and modern civil engineering construction of walls , bridges and houses. Roads and water conservancy main material. Is one of the main decorative materials of modern civil engineering.
decoration stone
Natural stone can be broadly divided into three categories. Igneous rocks are rocks from the mantle or crust by melting or partial melting of the substance formed as the magma cooled consolidation , granite is an igneous rocks ; sedimentary rock is not too deep in the ground where the weathering products of other volcanic rocks and some ejector , moving through the water or glaciers , sedimentation, diagenesis rock formation , limestone and sandstone fall into this category ; rocks under high temperature and pressure mixing and minerals from one stone to another natural deterioration stone , marble, slate , quartzite, jade rocks belong .

Natural stone into granite , marble , sandstone , limestone, volcanic rocks , artificial stone products are constantly changing , the quality and appearance of natural stone has not inferior ; natural stone veneer choice of colors should be considered in addition to , but also consider the function of the building. In the home, the living room and bedroom decor should use warm colors to show the warm, comfortable atmosphere; while for the bathroom, kitchen decor should use Eau Vogue's cool shades to show clean. Due to the use of different parts of the natural stone decorative finishes, so the choice of different types of stone. When used for outdoor building decoration , to be subjected to long-term wind and rain and sun, granite because they do not contain carbonates, small water absorption , wind ability, the best selection of all types of granite stone ; with at the hall floor decoration decorative stone , requires its stable physical and chemical properties, high mechanical strength , should be preferred class granite stone ; dado and home decor for the bedroom floor , the mechanical strength somewhat less , should use marble with beautiful patterns . Natural decorative stone is mainly marble, granite, sandstone, slate, limestone, basalt, jade, stone and other stone culture.

Granite is a very hard igneous rock, its high density, resistance to scratches and corrosion. It is ideally suited for flooring and kitchen countertops. There are hundreds of varieties of granite.

Marble is the deposition of carbonate rocks or metamorphic rocks, there are marble, dolomite, limestone, sandstone, shale and slate, is a derivative of limestone, marble is a metamorphic rock can be polished. Marble has a soft and easily scratched or acidic corrosion. Around the world, there are countless types of marble. Jade recommends new wood blocks.

Limestone is a sedimentary rock is composed of calcite and sediment formed in various colors.

Sandstone is also deposited a stone, which is mainly composed of loose particles of quartz sand, rough texture, sandstone, there are many varieties to choose from.

Travertine is part of the metamorphic limestone, due to its structure, can be filled, and density can be highly polished, so becoming one of the marble.

Slate is a metamorphic rock, original rock was muddy, silty or neutral tuff, management direction along the plate can peel into thin slices. Slate color of impurities they contain varies, iron is red or yellow; carbonaceous as black or gray; calcium hydrochloride case will blister, so named for the color of its general classification, as will green slate, black slate, calcareous slate.

Artificial stone is a mixture is made ​​Of non-natural, such as a resin cement, glass beads, aluminum powder plus gravel etc. adhesives. Artificial stone came 30 years ago in the United States, China, as the first application of artificial stone decorative materials in the mid -1990s a number of coastal cities, widely popular a few years later.

Culture stone is mined or stone set in nature, including slate, sandstone, quartzite, after processing, as a decorative building materials. Culture stone hard material, bright color, rich textures and styles, with compressive strength, abrasion resistance, fire resistance, cold resistance, corrosion resistance, low water absorption.


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