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Choose more to consider home improvement marble dust from time to time need to take care of

" Natural marble radioactive " This misunderstanding has restricted its use in large areas of home improvement. But this year revised " civil engineering indoor environmental pollution control norms " (GB50325-2010) (2013 editions) affirmed the safety of natural marble sex. Since it can be used in the home area, and that consumers are interested in how to choose, paving and maintained?

1■ Optional

To combine regional characteristics

Buy natural marble is its main appreciate moist texture and beautiful patterns, but experts said the light depends on personal preference is not feasible, but also according to the regional and environmental used to select a suitable stone.

High stone Anjie Shao Zi Yang, general manager of Shanghai, in general, the kitchen area walls, floors need to select high strength, high density, good natural marble finish type, so good clean, grease -resistant capacity is higher. Kitchen countertops are not suitable for the use of natural marble , " or the use of granite, stone kind of artificial stone is better , because in addition to high temperatures , the impact of the oil , the table will be exposed to large movements hacking and the like, may be natural marble will therefore break . "

The main requirement is that the bathroom area of ​​Decorative materials, low water absorption. "This is determined based on the environment." Living room requires relatively modest. " On the wall he can choose some of their favorite, but the lower density of natural marble species. Ground taking into account the usual wear and tear of walking, strength, density can be higher than the stone wall."

2■ Paving

To consider the House of bearing

Tiling is prone hollowing improper shedding, natural marble construction time and need to pay attention to what? Angie Shao Yang Zi, marble tiling techniques and materials requirements are more stringent, the construction cost per square meter of more than one hundred yuan, a worker can only be paving a few meters per day.

First, the need to use special marble paving binder. By Stone 1cm thick, just stick to the wall with adhesive. Thicker than cm, you need a fixed pendant and adhesives used in combination in order to ensure firmness. The high ceiling over three meters of space, you must set up the keel. The marble inlay hang on.

Yang Zi- Ann said that marble is not a house of patents, no matter how much the apartment, as long as the owners like it, and properly designed, can be appropriate for paving. But one thing to note, though the density of marble and tile almost the same, but in order to ensure the strength, the thickness corresponding increase, which brought the bearing problem. So, if the owners choose a large area of ​​Paving thickness of 2cm above the marble, requires prior consultation of the property or the original construction sector, whether the impact of the load-bearing structure of the building body.

3■ Maintenance

Dust from time to time need to take care of

Marble was beautiful, but also requires careful maintenance. Experts, try not to touch juices, toilet Ling daily utilize of a substance containing acid class. Once the stain should be cleared as soon as possible. Pay special attention to dust. " Dust under the stampede, marble surfaces will cause wear and affect the finish." Usually the best place mats at the door, and uses a vacuum cleaner to remove dust.

Home is not shiny or damaged marble how to do? Yang Zi- Ann said, as long as the choice for professional nursing organizations, marble can be bright as new. He explained that in general can be done once every two years nursing. In the marble polished, cleaned and a series of processing, marble will be more beautiful. "This is different from the marble and tile, the more care more light, generally can be repaired cracks as new."

Remind consumers, under the marble pavement in front of the need for pollution treatment. No good deal of stone, there will be back to base, stain resistance differential case. "It's a little on the professional level in the test manufacturers. Poor quality antifouling agent, brushing is not in place, technology, however, will affect the use of marble and life." Proposal, consumers choose brands businesses in the purchase of marble, so product, installation, maintenance and other aspects can be better protected
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