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How to choose and use stone protection products

Stone protection products use several aspects to note :

Waxing has generally been used as a way to protect the stone. It is used in the laying of the stone floor. However, the protective effect of the stone it is limited, poor weather, antifouling effect is not ideal, but revolves around easily attached dust. Nowadays people are also found on the stone waxing will cause some harm, because it is used as a cover to protect the material deposited on the surface of the stone airtight , moisture stone pores are sealed inside and behind the dissemination does not come out , accumulation in the stone house of stone over time resulting in lesions occur . There is also a commonly was applied onto the wall surface of the liquid wax, which is a membrane material. Its main drawback is the impact of natural stone texture.

Appears permeability protection products are a big step stone protection product development and research, but in our domestic application time is not very long. This product is mostly solvent or water as a medium. The number of effective waterproofing material to bring people into the stone house. Forming a protective barrier deep, contaminated water and some liquid shut. This permeable protection products, in addition to not change the natural texture of the stone, but also maintained a stone's permeability, superior performance, reasonable science. However, due to differences in the use of the material, some of the products in the water, pollution, oil will be on the effect of different, but most products better.

For the selection and use of stone protection products , in addition to understanding product performance , but also pay attention to the following points:
1 compatibility. To select no effect on the color of the stone products. If it is wet paste construction, back in the stone processing to test whether it will affect the adhesion of stone and cement.
2 constructions of a wet paste circumstances, to do the back and sides of the stone processing, then choose to focus on the effect of a good waterproof protectant.
3 In addition to the choice of ground stone protector to do the waterproofing treatment on the back, the front of the stone but also according to different use of the environment to make the appropriate protective treatment. Some special places, such as hospitals should choose a good antifouling performance products, like the hotel should choose fouling, anti-oil protective effect of a good product.
4 hanging stones back to its protective treatment have little meaning. For the front, you can select the appropriate protection products are processed according to the environment and stone features.
5 for the stone are prone to disease, like some gray granite and marble are often in wet conditions, or spit out yellow rust. Important to do water treatment. Water repellant to choose the best effect.
6 for the absorption material loose too high granite marble in a public environment, be sure to choose waterproof, anti-fouling, anti- pump effect of a good product, so that once the contamination is also easy to clean.
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