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Conservation knowledge : granite countertops daily sealing

Granite countertops are an ideal choice for the front of house decoration, such as kitchen countertops, bars, side table, waiting station. Because granite countertops have a high resistance to water, moisture resistance, used in a large number of public places or semi-public bathroom countertops, such as hotel and spa. Its lasting durability makes it the most affordable option. For the purposes of kitchen cabinets, both practical and beautiful.

So how should granite countertops routine maintenance :

First, on the stains, lime, food residue

1 There is no perfect curing agent. The best way to avoid staining the timely removal of spills.

Cause 2 staining is less common, the most common cause staining cooking.

3 Do not put cooking oil bottle directly into the granite countertop. Do not rusty cans put on the table, do not stain the granite will cause rust.

4 decentralized tray glassware, especially those bottles with alcohol or citrus juice.

5 If it is caused due to wet granite dim, do not worry. When the water evaporates it will restore the original color. But the signs that the table need to be repealed.

6 If lime buildup around the faucet, do not use lime products. Gently scrape with a razor line is the best solution.

7 flat sides of the clearing with a razor strap, residue, dried paint, glue and adhesive residues and other food.

8 If staining occurs, according to the following steps to clear: mixed pool filter powder and 10% hydrogen peroxide is made of plaster. Uniformly applied to the staining of the plaster. Transparent plastic bags to cover plaster, tied the corners. Overnight. If only some stains are cleared, and the process is reiterated. For more stubborn stains, you can use this method, but use acetone instead of filtering powder.

Second, on the scratches, debris , repair

1 Mohs hardness of granite ranked in seventh in the table, mainly composed of quartz and feldspar, in fact, is indestructible. The so-called Mohs hardness scale is commonly used as a standard ten minerals to scratch each other hard to distinguish what soft, customary on mineralogy or gemology are using Mohs hardness.

2 it will be scratched or something hard quartz.

3 . Removal of diamond jewelry is wise. Diamonds can scratch granite.

4 Some porcelain tableware containing coarse quartz sand. There is the danger of scratching the table.

5 In the table utensils will scratch the decentralization tripod or mat.

6 If you are using a marble cutting board, make sure the rubber or plastic bottom is still safe.

7 within the granite debris is not common. This situation is likely to be something hits the edge of the mesa.

8 If you find debris to save up.

9 . Granite is repairable. In many cases, the debris can be glued back in place of.

10. Strong glue small pieces available, then a razor blade to shave off excess adhesive.

Third, on the curing agent

1 After installing granite countertops like already sealed. This mixture helps to prevent contamination that will penetrate into the mesa tops, but not strong.

2 . Seal is dependent on the type and frequency of granite countertops in use. 1-4 years to be re- sealed.

3 tests the effectiveness of conservation agent may be a few drops of water on the table. If the water quickly penetrates, it shows the need to re- seal. Conversely, if the hydrogel to form droplets, it shows that do not need to re- seal.

4 You can go buy curing agent in the home improvement store or a more specialized shops. No need to re- seal the entire surface.
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