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The introduction of shell mosaic tile-natural, beautiful, romantic and good for the environment

 Shell mosaic products are developed after the extensive usage of mosaic products. Its produced in a special way, which solves the drawbacks of traditional mosaic products.

It is composed of natural shells of pearl , black mop , pearloyster, pink, abalone and more. It is a large brick or piece that shows crystal, colorful, and charming. Exudes the breath of nature, it comes from nature, which keep consumers away from radiation and formaldehyde pollution, and has been very popular at interior decor.

It is widely used in front of small indoor areas, walls and interiors, and as a decoration. It can be made into shell tiles, shell marble, etc., for the traditional mosaic, but also with personality and new vitality.

Low water absorption guarantees the durability of mosaic, which is the unparalleled characteristic of shell mosaic and make it the dominant products.

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