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[Place on the top] Granite Countertops (Ultimate Guide)

The application of Portugal Beige marble on exterior wall cladding

Portuguese beige is an imported limestone with a golden color. Unlike granite, limestone is a type of sedimentary rock from a geological point of view. It originates from fragments and debris of other rocks. These fragments are compressed and cemented by various natural environmental factors to form sedimentary rocks. Compared with granite, limestone has low strength and large dispersion, and is rarely used in exterior wall engineering in China. At present, the design specifications are mentioned less. In Europe and North America, the unique external effects of limestone are favored by architects and are used in exterior engineering. The main component of limestone is calcium carbonate (CaCO3), calcium magnesium carbonate or a mixture of calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate. Limestone has many distinctive natural features, such as: calcite texture or spots, fossil or shell structure, potholes, slender tissue, open texture, honeycomb structure, iron spots, travertine-like structures, and crystallization differences. It is these characteristics that make limestone have natural senses and rich layers.


Granite Slab Countertops Basics

As the slab granite promoters like to say, "Nothing can compare to the natural beauty of real stone." In fact, you would not be looking at slab granite otherwise.   Real granite ca

Best Absolute Black Honed Granite for Your Kitchen

If you are looking black hone granite for your kitchen, so you are right place for absolute black honed granite. Black Honed Granite is the best Granite for your Kitchen or home purpose uses. 

Five bold and colorful bedrooms




At the intersection of cost effective and stunning in the kitchen countertop world, you’ll find granite waiting for you.
Since it’s a naturally occurring igneous rock and isn’t man-made, you’re adding an element of natural luxury to your space without breaking the budget. There are literally hundreds of designs and color options to choose from, so there is bound to be a perfect slab out there for you.

The introduction of shell mosaic tile-natural, beautiful, romantic and good for the environment

 Shell mosaic products are developed after the extensive usage of mosaic products. Its produced in a special way, which solves the drawbacks of traditional mosaic products.


Common treatment methods stone disease

Stone disease is just an inevitable thing, but also several common stone disease, namely, water spots, Bai Hua, rust and efflorescence. This article will clear stone disease four common ways to perform a little of the comb.

Water spots : First, to distinguish what is causing water spots quit . If the Ishimura below , there is a lot of water ; eg : after paving is completed, water cut using a cutting machine ground ; pavement before the ground is full of water ; After installing large amounts of water infiltrated by the Inter patchwork ,etc. , so this should be dried honeycomb -shaped concrete overlay was saturated with water , the ground should be used for this method of dry or dry naturally after a longer period of time , so that ply cement moisture to evaporate , and then the stone itself to govern . If at this time the blind cleaning with chemicals, often aggravated dip diffuse phenomenon. The reason is simple cleaning to water, and the water will never wash off in water, only evaporation is reasonable. Someone using the heating method , if the hot air drying methods is possible, but not a lot of large area applications ; while the use of fire, light roast and other methods , the effect is not ideal , these methods are able to rapidly improve stone surface temperature increase of the temperature can not be long concrete overlay , the evaporation of the water is not too obvious, and the negative effect is great . Due to the rapid heating causes the stone Peng inflation, causing the concrete overlay stratification hollowing phenomenon, sometimes resulting in stone Alice Sinatra, produce notches, consequences are difficult to artificially control, it is recommended not to be used.

Conservation knowledge : granite countertops daily sealing

Granite countertops are an ideal choice for the front of house decoration, such as kitchen countertops, bars, side table, waiting station. Because granite countertops have a high resistance to water, moisture resistance, used in a large number of public places or semi-public bathroom countertops, such as hotel and spa. Its lasting durability makes it the most affordable option. For the purposes of kitchen cabinets, both practical and beautiful.

Italy five characteristics of stone mining industry

Italy is the world center stone, Italian stone mining has a long history and advanced mining technology. After nearly a century of development, mining and processing of advanced technology and high quality Italian marble brand enjoyed making " stone kingdom" reputation in the world. Italy Brescia region rich in beige marble, old beige marble mining began as early as 300 years ago, also has a new beige marble dating back 100 years of history. Carica marble mining area first began in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, there were more than 100 years ago, the main production of white Carrara marble.

How to choose and use stone protection products

Stone protection products use several aspects to note :

Waxing has generally been used as a way to protect the stone. It is used in the laying of the stone floor. However, the protective effect of the stone it is limited, poor weather, antifouling effect is not ideal, but revolves around easily attached dust. Nowadays people are also found on the stone waxing will cause some harm, because it is used as a cover to protect the material deposited on the surface of the stone airtight , moisture stone pores are sealed inside and behind the dissemination does not come out , accumulation in the stone house of stone over time resulting in lesions occur . There is also a commonly was applied onto the wall surface of the liquid wax, which is a membrane material. Its main drawback is the impact of natural stone texture.

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