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[Place on the top] Granite Countertops (Ultimate Guide)

Stone routine maintenance

First, Stone maintained the importance of timeliness
1. Necessity
Whether it is a new stone, or refurbished stone, and put to use as the customary passage of time, the stone will become increasingly severe wear their luster getting lower and lower.
2. Timeliness

Choose more to consider home improvement marble dust from time to time need to take care of

" Natural marble radioactive " This misunderstanding has restricted its use in large areas of home improvement. But this year revised " civil engineering indoor environmental pollution control norms " (GB50325-2010) (2013 editions) affirmed the safety of natural marble sex. Since it can be used in the home area, and that consumers are interested in how to choose, paving and maintained?

Classification of high-grade construction decoration stone

Stone is a high-grade construction decoration materials, mainly natural stone and artificial stone into two types ; common stone mainly marble , granite, terrazzo , synthetic stone of four, which turned around the marble white marble for the top grade ; granite than marble hard ; terrazzo is a cement , concrete and other materials from forging ; synthetic stone is a natural stone gravel for raw materials, coupled with pressurized adhesives , polishing made ​​; Terrazzo and synthetic stones are made ​​Of artificial stone so no natural high intensity. Stone had already become an important raw material in construction, decoration, road, bridge construction


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