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Common treatment methods stone disease

Stone disease is just an inevitable thing, but also several common stone disease, namely, water spots, Bai Hua, rust and efflorescence. This article will clear stone disease four common ways to perform a little of the comb.

Water spots : First, to distinguish what is causing water spots quit . If the Ishimura below , there is a lot of water ; eg : after paving is completed, water cut using a cutting machine ground ; pavement before the ground is full of water ; After installing large amounts of water infiltrated by the Inter patchwork ,etc. , so this should be dried honeycomb -shaped concrete overlay was saturated with water , the ground should be used for this method of dry or dry naturally after a longer period of time , so that ply cement moisture to evaporate , and then the stone itself to govern . If at this time the blind cleaning with chemicals, often aggravated dip diffuse phenomenon. The reason is simple cleaning to water, and the water will never wash off in water, only evaporation is reasonable. Someone using the heating method , if the hot air drying methods is possible, but not a lot of large area applications ; while the use of fire, light roast and other methods , the effect is not ideal , these methods are able to rapidly improve stone surface temperature increase of the temperature can not be long concrete overlay , the evaporation of the water is not too obvious, and the negative effect is great . Due to the rapid heating causes the stone Peng inflation, causing the concrete overlay stratification hollowing phenomenon, sometimes resulting in stone Alice Sinatra, produce notches, consequences are difficult to artificially control, it is recommended not to be used.

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